Poverty Alleviation Through Improving HIV Prevention Knowledge and attitudes to people Living with HIV

Total Grant: $55,500 USD
Project Goal: A more equitable community
Project Duration: March 2018 – April 2021
Area of Implementation: Traditional Authorities Ndamera, Chimombo, Ngabu and Makoko – Nsanje district

Project Description

The role of FAST in the Graduation Model Programme was to enable the environment and create a more equitable community through the dissemination of HIV and AIDS prevention messages and educate communities on the effects of stigma and discrimination against people living or affected by the virus. 

6000 households were reached with HIV and AIDS prevention messages through open awareness campaigns using role plays, traditional dances and experience sharing done voluntarily by an individual who is living positively with HIV.

Under this project 23 (10 females 13 males) expert clients (these are people who have been living positively with the virus for more than 10 years) were recruited and trained in treatment literacy, their role was to conduct home visits to the Graduation Model programme beneficiaries and encourage them to access HIV prevention services provide counseling to defaulters so that they resume treatment.

6 model Dialogue sessions were conducted to modify and even eliminate other harmful cultural practices that prevent women and girls from accessing HIV and AIDS-related services. 

Project Objectives:

To mobilize communities in TAs Ndamera, Chimombo, Makoko and Ngabu to uptake ways of HIV prevention and reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.